Paratrack 2

Tracking system ParaTrack 2

This system allows the orientation of the probe below the surface during the drilling of the pilot. Through the arrangement of the magnetic and gravity sensors in the probe using the magnetic field of the earth is measured inclination and azimuth of the front of the drill bit as drilling proceeds. Additionally, thanks to the appropriate subsystem by generating an artificial magnetic field verification is made of the position of the measurement probe.

Basic parameters:

Manufacturer: Vector Magnetics

The main components of the system:

  • Probe powered cable
  • interface
  • console for driller
  • laptop with software for system control
  • downhole pressure gauge
  • solenoid

Measuring range: max. 5 000 m
Accuracy: Slope - +/- 0.1 ° Azimuth - +/- 0.4 ° brow tools - +/- 0.5 °