NAWITEL's offer includes execution by using microtunnel method for building pipelines made of: stoneware pipes , concrete , polymer concrete , GRP and others.
 • L max . = 150 m , diameter DN400 ( DZ 560 ) to DN1000 mm ( DZ1099 ) set to microtunnel Herrenknecht AG
    Mikrotunnelling is often referred to as a highly automated and computerized method of trenchless construction of underground pipelines, technology, single-stage hydraulic jacking. This method involves using a tunneling/drilling shield while the drill pipe are jacking,when the process is almost totally automated. It is a technology for single-step execution pipelines. The control is possible by jacking the special articulated head, the position of which is changed by means of hydraulic control cylinders.
    The process of pushing pipes is measured using the laser beam, which ensures a very high accuracy in the hole. Beam laser placed in the rear part of the initial excavation is received by the electronic receiver equipped with a target plate, here are transmitted to the control station the necessary information about the position of the axis of the drill head, where they are processed and recorded. Control of the entire process microtunnelling is done with the help of a computer. In this method it is possible to embed pipeline, whose route runs along the arc.